The Data Science Toolbox


A comprehensive guide to setting up R and Python-based development environments. Perfect for beginners who want a comprehensive tutorial on getting to grips with the command line, git, R, Python, virtual environments, JupyterLab (or Jupyter Notebooks) and basic IDE configuration.

Learning Outcomes

Install and familiarize yourself with modern tools featured in any data science stack
Get a fully configured computer / laptop with virtual environments set up


Who is the intended audience?
Absolute beginners. Some students told me they find online courses daunting and intimidating because the classes had participants that are likely in different phases on their programming journey.
As a true beginner, they find the gap between themselves and the more advanced segment of the class widening even before they had a chance to come to grasp with the presented content.
We created this course to help you get up to speed with the absolute basics, most likely as a prerequisite to an introductory-level programming class. Each lesson is short and kept to under 1 hour, so they are not comprehensive or detailed in nature.
If you have never done programming, this is the beginner guide you will need to get your machine set up with the right tools and software environment for your data science journey.

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